Monday, June 20, 2022

Rant: The French Toast Cheeseburger Has Arrived!

The Monte Cristo Sandwich, pictured above, is a delicious sandwich, enhanced by the use of French Toast as the bread. What a wonderful and delicious vehicle for the meat and cheese. The eggy texture and flavors of the French toast elevate this sandwich. 

Back in April, I Ranted about this sandwich, stating We Need More French Toast Sandwiches! It seems curious that there are no other sandwiches which use French toast. I stated that needed to change, that more sandwiches should avail themselves of the benefits of French Toast. I also noted this was an excellent opportunity for an adventurous restaurant to blaze a pioneering path to the future of sandwiches. 

The Iron Town Diner in Saugus makes one of my favorite Monte Cristo sandwiches. On a recent visit there, I decided to make a special request, and ordered a cheeseburger but on French Toast. The server didn't think that would be a problem, although it was certainly a unique request, and put in my order. Soon enough, my plate arrived with my French Toast Cheeseburger!

Although their cheeseburger normally comes with lettuce, tomato, and onions, I opted for a simpler burger, just the beef and cheese. I didn't think the veggies would go as well with the French Toast, especially considering how the Monte Cristo was composed of only meat and cheese. 

I loved the French Toast cheeseburger! The French Toast added a nice eggy texture and taste to the burger. As many people, including myself, enjoy a fried egg atop their burger, it wasn't surprising that the French Toast also worked well for the burger. The French Toast was so much better than many plain burger buns, and I'd definitely order this again.

And I did order it again, this time opting for the Gorgonzola & Bacon Burger, again without any veggies. The addition of the bacon was a very good choice, and although I enjoyed the tangy taste of the gorgonzola, and it worked well with the French Toast, it led to a bit of a messier sandwich.  

I'll try some other sandwiches with French Toast in the near future. Maybe Pastrami & Swiss on French Toast? Fried Chicken on French Toast? There are many possibilities. 

Big kudos to Iron Town Diner for catering to my special requests. The staff there is excellent and very accommodating. They are open for breakfast and lunch, and have plenty of tasty selections on their menu. If you want to try a French Toast Burger, then you definitely should go to Iron Town and ask for it. Tell them the Passionate Foodie recommended it! 

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