Monday, June 23, 2008

2007 Quinta Da Alorna Vinho Rosé

Another hot day so time once again for a Rosé! On my recent trip to Best Cellars, I purchased a couple bottles of the 2007 Quinta Da Alorna Vinho Rosé, a Portuguese Rosé ($11). (Note that the winery website is only in Portuguese). Best Cellars has this wine listed under their "Juicy" descriptor.

This Rosé is from the Ribatejo region of Portugal and is made from Touriga Nacional, an indigenous Portuguese grape. This grape is known for being fairly tannic. The Rosé has an alcohol content of 13%.

It has a deep pink color and on the nose has aromas of strawberries and a touch of violet. It is a delicious Rosé, with lush strawberry flavors that pleased my palate. It is a dry wine, more Old World in style, and there were no issues with any tannins. In fact, it was smooth and very easy drinking. It was crisp and light, just perfect for the weather. There was certainly no problem finishing this bottle of wine. And I am glad that I have at least one more bottle of it.

I highly recommend this Rosé. It is a good value and it is extremely pleasing.

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Dr. Debs said...

Touriga ROSE? Who knew! Thanks for the lead.