Sunday, November 16, 2008

Twitter Taste Live: The Bloggers Take Over

As I mentioned in my earlier post today, last evening was a new Twitter Taste Live event, The Bloggers Take Over! For this event, numerous wine bloggers volunteered to take the stage and discuss the wines of their choice. There were no restrictions on what they could choose. This was the first time for this format so there was a bit of trepidation over how it would work. Based on last night's performance, I think it was quite a success.

If you wish all of the notes and tweets from the event, you can check out Twitter Search or Tim of Winecast who also has everything collected. A diverse selections of wines were chosen, from my own choice of a Japanese sake to Spanish sherries. Most of the wines were tasted at the time of the event so you got the blogger's live reactions to the wines, and not always positive ones either. A couple of the wines which really intrigued me were the 2006 Marcel Lapierre Morgon (tasted by @binendswine) and the 2004 Cameron Hughes Lot 93 Tempranillo (tasted by @winecast).

This event was like having wine blogs come alive, and getting an immediate reaction. What was also very cool was the ability to interact with the blogger, to ask questions, make comments and hear the thoughts of others. Unfortunately, that interaction is often lacking on actual wine blogs. Far too people post comments on blogs, yet clearly the readers have questions. Posting comments will help blogs be more interactive, more responsive to their audience. We should not have to wait for these events to interact with each other. Blogs should be a give and take, not just a place to read a single person's thoughts.

Some of the most amusing comments came later in the event, maybe because people had been drinking more by then, or possibly because of the individuals involved. For example:

1WineDude: #ttl Back to the Dry Cream - this wine is like concentrated Fig brandy. It's almost as good as sex (almost.. it's a close call).

winehiker: @1WineDude And, verily, a Wine Bloggers' #TTL should end in viscous lust.

So many people contributed to the success of this event that it would be difficult to list them all. The Twitter Taste Live events continue to prosper and there are many more planned for the near future so you should check out the list of upcoming events.

Thanks to Bin Ends for giving us wine bloggers this platform to discuss our wine selections. I am sure there will be more Blogger Take Over events in the future.

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