Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Stoneham Sun: Thanksgiving Wines

My new column of "A Passionate Foodie" can be found in the Noveber 12 issue issue of the Stoneham Sun newspaper. This is a weekly column that concentrates on reviews of local restaurants though it may also touch on a few other food and wine topics.

The new column has been published today and will soon be available online. The new column provides advice and recommendations on choosing wines for Thanksgiving.

And here are two recommendations from Rapid Liquors of Stoneham that did not end up in the column.

Beringer Pinot Noir, Napa, California ($15.99): The best Pinot we have tasted in a while, and now on sale. This is a full-bodied, fruit-packed, smooth finishing Pinot. Just as Pinot Gris is our first choice for Thanksgiving White wine, Pinot Noir is our first choice for Red.

Santa Rita Reserva Carmenere, Chile ($8.99): We wanted to choose something unique this year, why not Carmenere – Dense dark color, robust dark fruit flavors finishing smooth with a little spice. Not as dry as Cabernet, not as soft as the Pinot Noir, but still perfect for Thanksgiving Dinner.

If you have any questions or comments about my column, feel free to add them here.

Dine with passion.

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