Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Vicki Lee's Cafe & Bakery

We wanted a quick bite before a wine tasting so we walked around the Cushing Square area of Belmont seeking someplace to eat. We noticed Vicki Lee's Cafe and feeling adventurous, decided to give it a try though we knew nothing about it.

Vicki Lee's is a small cafe, serving breakfast and lunch, and a bakery. They also sell some packaged food, kitchenware and gifts as well as offering cooking classes. The owner, Vicki Lee Boyajian, has been involved in cafes, bakeries and catering for about fifteen years, having opened her first bakery in Arlington in 1983.

Unfortunately, their website does not have their menu, which I hope they remedy. The lunch menu is primarily sandwiches and salads. We ordered a couple of the sandwiches, each about $8 and both which came with fresh fruit. One sandwich had applewood smoked bacon, smoked cheddar, roasted tomatoes and arugala on country white, which can be grilled like a panini. The other had scrambled eggs with parsley, ham, and fontina cheese, also on grilled country white bread. Both sandwiches were very tasty, the ingredients obviously fresh. The bacon sandwich had a nice smoky flavor and the fontina on the egg sandwich gave a nice creaminess to the sandwich. There was a nice portion of fresh fruit including strawberries, blueberries, melon, raspberries and more. Maybe a bit pricey though I have no complaints about the quality or taste.

Their baked goods and desserts did intrigue me and I decided to try some of their cookies, $1.50 each. Again, a bit pricey but the cookies are quite large, about the size you find at Finale. The Toll house cookie with nuts was excellent, soft, fresh and flavorful. I don't like such cookies to be hard throughout. I want some softness, as if the cookie just came out of the oven. The cookie had plenty of chocolate chips and nuts. The Chocolate cookie had a rich, chocolatey flavor and a soft center. Another excellent cookie. The Ginger Snap and Anzac, a type of oatmeal cookie, also were quite delicious. If you love good cookies, then these should definitely please you.

This is a more of a high-end place so their prices tend to be on the high side, but the quality of their product is also high. It is worth checking out.

Vicki Lee's Cafe
105 Trapelo Road
Belmont, MA
Phone: 617-489-5007

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Anonymous said...

you need to go back to Vicki Lee's. you had a cookie??!! what kind of passionate foodie are you to not have done your homework before going to vicki lee's. you must go back for: a slice of winter white cake..oh buy the whole cake and enjoy it for days; eclairs; strawberry dacquoise; amaretto cheesecake; framboise cake; triple chocolate espresso cake; jack daniel's pecan pie; chocolate genoise cake; grand marnier chocolate roulade.......aram sandwich; anzac cookies; belgian waffles; quiche; meatloaf (really!!); beet salad;bagel and salmon; chicken piccata; chicken salad on 7 grain bread...and so much more...and as for the take-out goodies in the case...we are talking seriously well prepared and delicious food and not to be confused with ordinary take home food.
go back. everything is scrumptious, high quality and absolutely to die for.
and then you may blog about Vicki Lee Boyajian's bakery+cafe.

Richard A. said...

Hi Anonymous:
As I mentioned in my post, this was not a planned visit. We just stopped there by happenstance, while waiting for another event to start. So, there was no reason for me to have done any homework before going.