Sunday, November 7, 2010

Saké News: New Site & New Class

1) Let me announce the opening of my new Saké website, Passionate Sake, which is dedicated to my Saké business endeavors.  As a Certified Saké Professional, I am available for hire to host educational classes, tastings, dinners, and much more.  Wine stores, distributors, restaurants, school and private individuals can all benefit from my services.  Though the new site is only in its beginning stages, it will grow to become an interesting Saké resource.  You can also follow my new Saké-centric feed on Twitter at @PassionateSake.

Right now, you can read my new and valuable article, Ten Ways Wine Stores Can Sell More Sake.  This is an excellent list of suggestions by which wine stores can capitalize on the growing consumption of Saké.  Why let your Saké just sit on the shelves gathering dust? Instead, learn the best ways to sell it, to entice your customers into wanting to buy Saké.

2) My next Saké educational class will be held on November 16, from 8pm-10pm, at the Beacon Hill Wine & Gourmet in Melrose.  This will be the perfect opportunity to learn about the basics about Saké, as well as to taste some intriguing Sakés. What do virgins have to do with early Saké?  What is the difference between a Honjozo and a Junmai?  What is a kegani and why does someone drink Saké from it? These questions and much more will be answered and explained.  Space is limited so please contact Rebecca at 781-665-3332 to make your reservation.

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