Monday, February 4, 2008

Midwest Grill: Saugus

What is one of the best dining deals on Route 1? The Rodizio at the Midwest Grill in Saugus on Route 1 North.

As I have mentioned before, the Midwest Grill in Saugus is the second location of this churrascaria, Brazilian steakhouse. Their first location is in Cambridge and I have long been a fan. It has always been my favorite of all the other churrascarias I have visited. So when they opened a location in Saugus, I was hopeful that it would be of the same high quality.

I ate dinner there this past Saturday night with five others, family and friends. I had made reservations which was a good thing as it was quite busy Saturday night. I would highly recommend reservations on the weekends unless you do not mind waiting a bit. There is a bar where you can sit and have a drink while you are waiting, such as a glass of Brazilian wine or a Caipirinha.

We were seated immediately and we were not too far away from the live music, a singer who also played a guitar. The music was not overly loud so it enhanced the dining experience rather than diminished it. It added a bit of Brazilian culture to our evening.

I ordered a bottle of Portuguese wine, an inexpensive Dao ($21) which was very good. We would order a second bottle later in the evening. It is a nice red wine, not too tannic and with some nice berry flavors.

For dinner, there was really no decision to make. We all chose the Rodizio, the all-you-can eat BBQ ($23.95). Though you can order specific dishes, the best buy is definitely the Rodizio. We first headed to the Hot Foods Buffet and Cold Salads Station. There are two long tables with plenty of options. There are several different types of salads. There are dishes including white rice, mashed potatoes, olives, fried plantains, french fries, beans, fried chicken, and more. Everything was at least warm, if not hot. With so many other customers, dishes on these stations move fast. I enjoyed everything I ate there.

At most other churrascaria restaurants, you do not get even half as many options for these side dishes and salads. So, you are getting a better buy for your buck at the Midwest Grill. But remember not to fill up too much on all these extras as you want to save room for all the meat coming your way.

A constant succession of grilled meats on skewers began to arrive at our table. They included sirloin, garlic beef, lamb, chicken wrapped in bacon, beef ribs, kielbasa, Brazilian sausage, pork loin, chicken hearts and garlic rolls. Again, as it was busy, the meats moved fast so you almost always had a fresh skewer coming to your table. The meats were delicious, juicy and savory. I especially love the garlic beef, chicken wrapped in bacon and the Brazilian sausage. The garlic rolls are also excellent. I even had some chicken hearts, which were cooked just right and not overdone.

If you want a meat cooked a certain way, say rare or well done, then just ask. If a meat is brought to your table that is not cooked the way you like, then just pass and wait for the next skewer. I prefer my meat rare so when well-done beef is brought, I just pass on that skewer and wait for the rare beef to arrive. With all the skewers that will come to your table, you won't have an empty plate while waiting for a particular meat.

We all gorged ourselves on the meats and everyone at my table was very pleased with everything we ate. A few of us saved some room for dessert. There are about a dozen different choices available from cheesecake to chocolate cake. I had a coconut caramel cake that was superb. Those are two flavors that I really love the cake melded them perfectly. It was moist, flavorful and good-sized.

Service was excellent. Despite the restaurant being busy, our server did a very good job tending to our table, bringing water when needed and more. Everyone was personable and helpful. They brought clean plates when needed, and asked what meats we wanted after the initial line-up was delivered to our table.

The quality of the Saugus location is as good as their Cambridge location. For the price, you simply will find it hard to locate a better value. You get more than enough excellent food. No one in your party should go home hungry. Service is top-notch and quality is there. I heartily recommend this restaurant.

Midwest Grill
910 Broadway (Rte 1)
Saugus, MA
Phone: (781) 231-2221

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Gillian Swart said...

We're going there today - from your post, I can't wait!

Anonymous said...

i think that midwest grill is one of the best restaurants in boston. deffinantly a must to eat with family and friends and if you are especially hungry go there.haha..5 stars