Tuesday, February 26, 2008

2006 Dubaril Gamay Romand

Yesterday, I posted my review of the 2006 Jean-Rene Germanier Dole Balavaud, the first of three new Swiss wines I recently purchased at Salem Wine Imports. Today, I move on to the second wine, a Gamay.

The 2006 Cave de La Côte Dubaril Gamay Romand ($13.99) is a Vin de Pays made from Gamay grapes in selected vineyards in Romandie (Western Switzerland) in the cantons of Vaud and Geneva. It has an alcohol content of 12% and a listed aging potential of two years.

Gamay, its full name actually being Gamay Noir a Jus Blanc, is the foundation of French Beaujolais, including the Beaujolais Nouveau. Yet do not judge all Gamay by Beaujolais Nouveau as it can make wines of character and depth. This Dubaril is one such wine.

On the nose, you get cherry and blackpepper smells with a bit of a floral accent. It is a light colored wine, medium bodied and easy drinking. On the palate, you get bright red fruits, cherry, and raspberry, but with hints of black pepper and mineral notes. The tannins are mild and the finish is moderately long. I had this wine with some thin crust cheese pizza and it did pair well with it.

Overall, I enjoyed this wine. It is a simple wine but with character. It has some depth to it though nothing profound. It is just a solid, good wine. A fine everyday wine that would go well with light foods. The price is reasonable, much better than the value of the previously reviewed Dole. A Drink & Buy recommendation.

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