Saturday, March 9, 2013

The Tipsy Sensei & Others. And A Contest!

This month is the First Year Anniversary of the publication of my first short story, Yurine's Pot, the beginning of the Tipsy Sensei series. Since then, I have published two more short stories and a novel in the Tipsy Sensei series. I am also pleased to publish this month my second paperback book, The Tipsy Sensei & Others, my new collection of nine food, wine and Sake short stories. It is available through Amazon as a Trade Paperback and an Ebook. I hope to conduct some local signings of the paperback and will announce them on my blog once they are scheduled.

The nine short stories contained within this volume range from romance to mystery, fantasy to thriller. It collects together the first three Tipsy Sensei stories as well as adds a new story centered on a popular character from Demons, Gods & Sake. You will also find five other food and wine stories.

The collection contains:

Yurine's Pot (Tipsy Sensei #1): Nate Randall is a Sake expert in Boston and his son is dying from cancer. Nate receives an ancient, magical item that allegedly can cure any illness. Others desire that item as well, and may be willing to kill for it. Can Nate save his son, and if so, at what cost?

The Ghost Of A Ninja (Tipsy Sensei #2): Several thieves have been slain under mysterious circumstances. Is the ghost of a ninja responsible? Nate is asked to help a friend who is worried that he will be murdered next. Can Nate solve this mystery and save the life of his friend?

The Fox & The Katana (Tipsy Sensei #3): Nate has been approached by a kitsune, a fox spirit, who wants Nate to murder her mate. She claims that her mate is a remorseless and sadistic killer who has slain innocents across the U.S. Can Nate kill this kitsune? Or is Nate being set up, a pawn in some intricate scheme?

Forest of the Ox Demon: A brand new story featuring Hato, a popular character from Demons, Gods & Sake, the first Tipsy Sensei novel. This is a historical tale of medieval Japan, exploring Hato's mysterious past, and involves ninjas, brigands and a supernatural creature.

You Had Me At Foie: A tale of romance, a bond formed over a delicious dish of foie gras.

Feast For A Killer: What would you do if an assassin showed up on your doorstep to kill your spouse?

The Perfect Wine: An obsessed wine lover seeks a legendary perfect wine. Can such a wine exist? And if so, what price would you pay to drink such a wine?

The Veil Of Flowers: A geeky and unusual story, told from the viewpoint of a yeast in a barrel of Sherry.

The Passwords: A more traditional mystery, where a man must decipher an enigmatic letter to provide justice for a murdered friend. The key to the cipher involves wine.

Check out my latest book and please understand that you can read this book even if you do not own a Kindle. You can download a Free App for your computer or smart phone that will allow you to read any Kindle ebook.

While you read The Tipsy Sensei & Others, I will be working on Nate's next supernatural adventure, Hand-Fed Tigers (Tipsy Sensei #5). Could it involve zombies and cats?

Now, on to my Anniversary Contest. This is a picture of Jessica, Courtney & Laura, some new fans of Demons, Gods & Sake. The photo gave me an idea, to collect pictures of other fans holding a copy of any of my books. I have decided to make it contest with a cool prize.

The contest will run from now until midnight, April 5, 2013. To enter, just send me a picture of yourself holding one of my books. If you only have an ebook, just send me a picture with your ebook reader showing the cover of one of my books. You will get an extra entry if the picture is of my latest book, The Tipsy Sensei & Others. You can also earn up to four extra entries if your picture is especially creative, which I will determine at my discretion.

The Grand Prize will be that I will immortalize you as a character in the next Tipsy Sensei novel, Hand-Fed Tigers. The character will bear your name and might also share some of your interests and personality. We will work together on the details. You will also receive a copy of the paperback version of Hand-Fed Tigers.  At least two Runner-Ups will also receive copies of the ebook of Hand-Fed Tigers when it is ultimately released.

So start taking your picture with the Tipsy Sensei!

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