Saturday, May 12, 2007

A New Beginning

Welcome to A Passionate Foodie, my new Food & Wine Blog!

After contributing for the last year and a half to the Real World Winers blog, I decided to branch out on my own so that I could address more than just wine. A Passionate Foodie will address two of my passions, good food and good wine. It will include restaurant reviews and recommendations as well as listings of upcoming food-related events. It will also include wine reviews, wine store reviews and listings of upcoming wine-related events. There are also recommended Links. Plus, I will post on any other food or wine related topic that interests me.

For completeness, I have already copied here a number of restaurant and wine reviews that I previously posted on the Real World Winers blog. I have listed the original posting dates and may have revised some of the posts slightly, mainly to make them read more clearly. If you are looking for a specific topic, you can use the Labels.

As I live just north of Boston, Massachusetts, much of my travels take me to the North Shore, Boston and Cambridge. But, I do enjoy traveling so my posts will touch upon where ever I visit. Previous posts have touched upon places such as Seattle, St. Croix, Pittsburgh, New York City and Portland. This fall, I will be spending two weeks in Spain so I will post about the many restaurants and wineries I visit.

Feel free to add comments to any of my posts, or email me with any questions or suggestions for the blog.


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