Monday, May 14, 2007

Otokoyama Yukishibare Namazake

I recently bought several Sakes, including some Namazakes, from Astor Wines in NYC. A Namazake is an unpasteurized Sake, so it is intended to be drank soon after it is sold. Over the weekend, I tasted one of these, the Otokoyama Yukishibare Tokubestsu Junmai Namazake ($33). This Sake is only made in the spring and in limited quantities. It is made in the Hokkaido Prefecture of Japan. It is a slightly cloudy as it is drawn off the rice lees. It is also intended to be served chilled. I enjoyed the Sake very much. It was fresh, smooth and full of lively fruit flavors, including some apple, pear and even a little banana. It did not have a heavy alcohol flavor and was rather mild. I started drinking the Sake as an apertif and later had some with a dinner of takeout Japanese food, including some teriyaki scallops, sesame chicken and pan fried noodles. It paired well with the food and I would definitely buy this again. A recommended Drink & Buy.

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