Saturday, May 12, 2007



An internal flame indicative of a person's consuming interests. Get a person talking about their passion and it becomes evident. You can see the fire within their eyes. You can hear the crackle of the flames in their voice. You can feel the heat emanating from their aura. In all they do, they show their passion.

So why is passion important? Because passion can pave the path towards greatness.

There are wine store owners who only wish to make money. They only buy wines that know will sell well, and their prices are often higher than other stores. They recommend more expensive wines to their customers. They don't care about educating their customers. These owners might have a passion for money, but that does not help their customers. The same can apply to restaurant owners and chefs, or any other type of sales person. Stay away from these people!

Then there are the wine store owners and restauranteurs who love wine and food, who truly have a passion for their field. These are the people I seek out, as they are the places which truly cater to the customer. These are the places you will learn, where you will get your best deals. There are the places with the most diversity, where the customer is the priority. Because of their passion, they wish to share that passion with others. Sure, they want to make money, as anyone would, but that is not their only priority. Sharing their passion is very important as well.

I too have a passion for food and wine. So, I write this blog, sharing my passion. I want to tell people about the wines and foods that please me. I want to recommend the restaurants and stores that I find to be the best. I enjoy discussing food and wine. I enjoy reading about food and wine. I enjoy eating and drinking. It is definitely a passion for me.

When I go places, I look for a similar passion in others. For I have found that it is those passionate people that make places better. They are the people who truly care about their customers, rather than just trying to make a buck.

So, when you go out, seek that passion as well!

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