Friday, May 11, 2007

Reviews of Wines of Argentina

The following is a compilation of old reviews I have done on the wines of Argentina.

2004 Alamos Bonarda: This was an interesting wine, with more dark fruits on the palate with a more rustic and tannic finish. It did remind me of some Chiantis. It was smooth until the finish though the finish was not such an abrupt departure. I did like it, and for only $9, this would be a Drink & Buy for me.

2004 Las Moras, Bonarda: This is a light wine, with a smooth taste, some cherry and vanilla flavors and a smoother finish than the other Bonarda I had. It is an excellent wine, enjoyed by everyone who had some with me and at $9 is a great value. A nice tasting wine that possesses its own distinctive flavor. Drink and Buy.

2005 Colonia Las Liebres Bonarda: This Bonarda ($10) is from Altos Las Hormigas. It was somewhere between the Alamos and the Las Moras. It had more tannins and rustic flavor than the Las Moras but not as much as the Alamos. It had some nice fruit flavors without overwhelming you in the typical fruit bomb. It is an easy drinking wine and does remind me a bit of a Chianti, yet with its own distinctiveness. I would Drink & Buy this wine.

2002 Bodega Jacques & Francois Lurton Bonarda, Mendoza: For only $6, this is an intriguing wine. It is smooth with a bit of a tart finish. It has spice on the palate as well as some dark fruits, like maybe plum. With a touch of earthiness. For the money, this is a surprisingly complex wine. A Drink & Buy.

2004 Crios de Susana Balbo, 50% Syrah/50% Bonarda: This was a good wine ($15) but primarily reminded me of a Syrah. It was smooth and spicy, but seemed to lack the distinct flavor of the Bonarda. It is like the Bonarda got overpowered by the Syrah. It is still a tasty wine and a decent value. It does have some complexity to it and it is more than one-dimensional. But, it is not a good showcase of Bonarda. Drink and Buy.

2004 Tikal Patriota: This wine ($25) is a blend of 60% Bonarda with 40% Malbec, combining the two major grapes of Argentina. This is a big, bold wine. Lots of fruit upfront, more black cherry, blackberry. But, it gets more rustic and spicy on the finish. The tannins are relatively mild and there is nice level of complexity. This was an intriguing wine that seems to showcase both varietals quite well. A definite Drink & Buy.

2003 La Posta del Vinatero, Estela Armando Vineyard: This was a dark and smokier wine ($17) than many of the other fruit-driven Bonardas. It even had some spice and reminded me more of a Syrah rather than a Bonarda. It had a decent finish but overall did not excite me. I think it was overpriced for what you got so would only be a Drink and Not a Buy.

2005 Kaiken Auriello Montes, Cabernet Sauvignon: An excellent Cabernet, especially for the price ($15). Alot of spice and leather with subdued fruit flavors. A long finish. Not like a typical California Cabernet.

2004 Norton Vineyard "Privada": A blend ($20) of Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. A very good blend with alot of complexity. Taste of fruit and spice. Very smooth. Nice finish.

2002 Bodegas Caro Malbec/Cabernet: This expensive blend ($50) was a superb wine, with a smooth finish, lots of complexity, a real lushness with lots of structure. It was not overly tannic. A definite Drink and Buy for a special occasion.

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