Friday, February 1, 2008

Spanish Wine Educators course

Would you like to learn more about Spanish Wine? Are you passionate enough to commit to an intense learning course? Could such a course help you professionally?

The Wine Academy of Spain is conducting Spanish Wine Educators courses across the U.S. and overseas. The first course will be held in Las Vegas in February. Additional cities will include Dallas, New Orleans, Washington, Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia, Miami, and New York.

The program is a Certified, comprehensive and all inclusive 2.5 day Spanish Wine Course, with an intensive tasting component. The course covers all of Spain's DO's, terroir, wine laws, wine styles, grape varieties, etc. This is a serious course, which requires a sincere commitment to pass. You can look at the outline of the course on their website.

This program is designed for wine professionals such as educators, critics, writers, journalists, distributors, importers, sommeliers and wine buyers that are interested in getting to know Spanish wine in depth. It certainly looks like a course that would appeal and benefit wine bloggers interested in Spain.

As an added incentive, the top 15 high-scorers in the U.S. will even be treated to a Spanish Wine Tour covering Spain’s top DO's, over the course of a week or so this fall. (Travel to Spain not included.)

Registration and Payment can be completed online at their web page. The course costs $375. For that cost, you also receive a diploma, course book, CD with course content, T-shirt and briefcase. Spaces for the course are probably limited so sign up early if you are interested. I am very likely to sign up for the course.

The Boston course will be held March 28-30 (Fri.-Sun.), from 9:30am-5:30pm. It will be held at the:

Martignetti Companies
975 University Avenue
Boston, MA 02062


gopaz said...


That's fantastic that you're interested in attending the course. If you go, we, of course, would love to hear what you think about it. We've looked into the exact same course here in Spain, and the competition to get in is unbelievable. Talk about needing to know someone higher on the food chain. So you'll have to fill us in :-)

Richard A. said...

Hi Gabriella,
From what I read on their website, it did not look it was competitive to get in. It seemed anyone could register. Maybe it is different in Spain, or maybe I missed that part on the website. If I do take the course, I will be sure to tell you and Ryan all about it. And I hope some other bloggers take the course too.