Sunday, May 4, 2008

A Comic Book Selling Wine: Part 2

Would you think that a comic book would ever be effective at selling wine?

Well, one Japanese manga (comic book) has done so. I previously posted about this manga, titled "Kami no Shizuku" which translates as "The Drops of God." The plot revolves around a quest by the two main characters to find twelve legendary wines. Whoever succeeds will inherit a valuable collection of rare wines. Iwanted to provide a bit of an update about the manga.

A French version, called "Les Gouttes de Dieu," was just published last month. The Japanese Times Online has a recent article, A Manga Drunk on French Wine, which has an interview with the authors of the manga. The interview is quite fascinating and gives an insight into the manga and its connection to wine. For example, the two main characters in the manga each have a different personality, and modeled after French wine regions. One has a Bordeaux personality and the other a Burgundy one.

One of the reasons the manga was probably translated into French is that many of the wines mentioned in the manga are French wines. If it succeeds in France, then an Italian translation may be next.

But when will an English version be published? The U.S. has greatly embraced manga and hundreds of different titles can be found in most book stores. So why not this one?

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