Wednesday, January 6, 2010

2009 Yellow + Blue Sauvignon Blanc

One of my Top Wines of 2009 Under $15, was the 2008 Yellow+Blue Rosé, an organic wine from Spain, packaged in a Tetra Pak. Previously, Yellow+Blue Wines only had a Malbec, Rosé, and Torrontes but have recently added a Sauvignon Blanc. It is so new, that it has not yet even been added to their website.

I was sent a sample of their new 2009 Yellow + Blue Sauvignon Blanc, which is from the Central Valley of Chile. The wine is made of 100% Sauvignon Blanc, is certified organic and has an alcohol content of only 12.7%. The grapes are hand harvested and the wine is fermented in stainless steel using indigenous yeast.

This wine is like biting into a fresh, juicy grapefruit. It has a nice golden color, with hints of green, and the nose gives a prominent grapefruit smell. It is a crisp, bright wine with plenty of grapefruit flavor. There are a few subtle hints of other fruits beneath the grapefruit, but it is difficult to determine exactly what they were. There are no grassy notes, so it is not like a typical New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc but instead is more French in style.

I paired this wine with some homemade salt cod cakes, and it was a nice pairing. This is a wine, with bright acidity, that goes well with seafood. It would also make a good summer wine. I much prefer this style of Sauvigon Blanc, rather than those of New Zealand. But, you better enjoy grapefruit, which is such a prominent flavor, if you are going to drink this wine. My favorite remains their Rosé, but this makes for a pleasant change of pace.


The Wine Whore said...

That's cool to see wines reviewed in different types of packaging... do you think the Tetra Pak had any influence on the taste of this wine?

Were you disappointed at all not having a cork to open? :P

Richard Auffrey said...

No, I don't think the Tetra Pak changed the taste at all. They are supposed to be made so there is no change in taste.

I didn't mind there was no cork. For an easy drinking wine like this, it is unnecessary. I like some boxed wines too.

Hampers said...

Thanks for sharing the 2009 Yellow + Blue Sauvignon Blanc review. It's an ideal gift for a friend with a strong penchant for alcoholic beverages.