Monday, December 23, 2013


(This is a repeat of a prior post, but as it is my most important Rant of the year, it bears repeating during this holiday season.)

It couldn't be any simpler so listen carefully. If you have had too much alcohol to drink, don't drive. Any questions?

Once again, I step forward with probably my most important Rant of the year. It is an absolutely vital issue for everyone who enjoys alcohol of any type, from wine to beer, from Scotch to cocktails. With the advent of October, holiday season is here, a potentially dangerous period for those people who over indulge, to drink too much at parties, feasts and gatherings. There is nothing wrong with that, and they can drink as much as they desire, as long as they give up their keys and do not drive.

As I said multiple times before, and which continues to remain relevant, "If there is any question, no matter how small, whether you are too intoxicated to drive, then don't. If your family or friends think you have had too much to drink, don't drive. Just don't. It is not worth the risk by any calculation." Err on the side of caution so that if you have any doubt of your capacity to drive, then please do not drive. Take a taxi, catch a ride with someone else, walk or sleep over. Just do not drive!

Rationally, we all know the dangers of drinking and driving. We endanger our own lives as well as the lives of others. Every year, the news reports about terrible auto accidents, some with fatalities, that occur because a driver was intoxicated. Families are torn apart, lives are ruined, and much more. Why don't we learn from all these incidents? Even if you don't get in an accident, you might get arrested for drunk driving, with all the attendant high costs. You might even end up in jail.

About 17,000 people are arrested for drunk driving in Massachusetts each year. That is a huge figure, showing that far too many people still don't understand that they should not drink and drive. How difficult is it to understand? DON'T DRINK & DRIVE! I am sure drunk driving incidents in other states are just as significant.

Each time you drink and drive, you endanger yourself, your passengers, pedestrians, cyclists, and people in other vehicles. Let someone else drive you, whether it be a friend or family. Take a taxi or public transportation. Leave your car where it is parked as you can always pick it up the next day. You have plenty of options so there is absolutely no reason to drink and drive. Be responsible.

I don't want to lose any family or friends this year due to a drunk driving accident. I don't think anyone wants to lose their loved ones either. So please just don't!


DUI Attorney Tampa said...

According to a report, there are more than 40% of the cases in America when teenager are caught drinking while driving.

danlighter said...

The choices you make today will impact your entire life.
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Ari said...

Few people realize how much a DWI can affect the rest of their lives. It can prevent you from getting certain jobs and also has an impact on your overall reputation. These are just the personal consequences. What you could do to an innocent person on the road is unforgivable.

Jamie Butler said...

And even to this month and year, your message merits to be heard by everyone. April is now the distracted driving awareness month, and it's marked by adding another notorious culprit, texting while driving. DUI and using the phone are both menaces, not worth to be traded with anyone's life. I hope more people would read your post here. Stay safe!

Jamie @ Butler & Company

Richard Auffrey said...

Thanks to everyone who commented!

Kim Hunter said...
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Kim Hunter said...

Drinking alcohol is not a bad thing. But everyone should drink responsibly to avoid terrible accidents from happening. I hope awareness programs and events such as this can make way to stop this, or even just lessen the rates of accidents report on the road.

Kim E. Hunter

Jerry Brady said...

Well said, Richard. Accidents can happen even the driver is sober; what more if they are intoxicated and have impaired faculties while behind the wheel? I hope this post would make people be more aware of this fact. It could at least save a life. Thanks for sharing!

Jerry Brady @ Lambert and Williams Law

Penguin said...

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