Monday, August 25, 2014

AKA Bistro & Restaurant Week

The second week of Dine Out Boston has started, and it seems that less restaurants are participating this year. BostInno recently noted that about 172 restaurants are participating, down from 194 last year. During this time, some of the restaurants which are not participating are running their own dining specials, such as AKA Bistro in Lincoln.

AKA Bistro has a special Lunch Menu ($20.14 for 3 courses) and Dinner Menu ($34 for 3 courses), and I stopped by the restaurant last Friday to check out their Lunch menu. I'm a huge fan of AKA Bistro and my lunch was as delicious as usual. Their Specials are a very good value and I highly recommend you check it out this week before it's gone.

For your First Course, you have three options, such as a Chill Corn Soup or a Shaved Farm Vegetable Salad. I opted for the Octopus & Clam Ceviche, with coconut milk, basil, lime and Thai chili. The octopus and clams were tender and the "sauce" had rich coconut flavors, with acidity from the line and a slightly spicy kick. It may not resemble the usual type of ceviche you find, but it was a delicious alternative. I would order that again if it were on the regular menu.

For your Second Course, you have four options, such as Salmon Donburi, Sauteed Shrimp or Moules Frites. The Moules Frites, which are superb, are normally $19 on the lunch menu so with this special deal, you really get two extra courses for $1. An excellent value. I opted for something different, the Pork Rillettes & Scallion Pancake with plum kabayaki and shaved daikon salad. The Scallion pancake was flaky, crisp and flavorful, especially with the sweet sauce atop it. The pork was moist and tender, with a slightly earthy taste, and the pancake made a nice platform for the pork. I probably could have devoured a second pork-covered pancake as well.

You have two choices for Dessert, including their Mousse au Chocolat. I've enjoyed the mousse before so I chose the Angel Food Cake with lemon curd and raspberry sorbet. This was a good-sized dessert, and the cake was light and fresh with a rich lemon curd topping. The silky sorbet was in a crisp "cookie" with nuts and it too was a tasty ending.

Such a good deal for only $20.14. Service was excellent, as usual, and I'll probably end up there later this week too, maybe to enjoy some Mussels. Their Lunch & Dinner specials end on Friday so make sure to dine this week at AKA Bistro.

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