Monday, May 2, 2016

Boston Bakes For Breast Cancer & Phillips Chocolates

Imagine enjoying a scrumptious dessert, maybe a delicate pastry, a rich chocolate, or a hearty bread pudding. And now imagine that simply by enjoying that sweet treat, you're also helping people with breast cancer. Sounds satisfying on multiple levels.

Imagine no more. Today, and running through May 8, you should check out the 17th Annual Boston Bakes For Breast Cancer. Over 300 restaurants, bakeries, cafés, ice cream, and chocolate shops throughout Massachusetts are participating in this event. Check out this lengthy list of participants to see which ones are located close to you. You can either visit the participants or order their desserts online. Check out this photo gallery of some of the delicious desserts you will find this week.

Each participant either designates all sales of one specific dessert or they designate 50% of the proceeds from their entire dessert menu, to breast cancer care and research. Proceeds benefit Bakes for Breast Cancer, Inc., a non-profit breast cancer organization dedicated to making a difference.
They state: "Bakes for Breast Cancer raises money for breast cancer research one sweet at a time through our dessert oriented events. Our grassroots nonprofit organization has one goal, to end breast cancer in our lifetime. We believe anyone can help make a difference by baking, buying or selling, a dessert with a purpose."

Phillips Chocolates, Boston’s oldest chocolatier which was founded in 1925,  is one of the participants of Boston Bakes for Cancer and they are offering a special handmade Brownie as their dessert option. Using a rich cocoa powder, the Brownie has a pink breast cancer awareness ribbon (made from white chocolate) and it is wrapped with a pink bow. The Brownie can be purchased for $3.30 at their locations in Dorchester and Braintree, or ordered online. I received a media sample of this brownie.

The brownie itself is chewy and moist, with a very rich chocolate flavor and the white chocolate swirls add some crunchy texture. A tasty treat, you could always top it with some ice cream and make your own brownie sundae, or just enjoy it as is. It would make a nice gift and proceeds go to a great cause. Support Boston Bakes for Breast Cancer and consider getting one of these special Brownies from Phillips Chocolates.

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