Friday, May 11, 2007


(Originally posted 4/4/07)

On my first night in St. Croix, I dined at Bacchus. It happened to be Wednesday night which I later learned was 2 for 1 Wine night. There was a list of wines available where if you bought 1 bottle you got a 2nd bottle free of any wine of equal or lesser cost. An excellent deal though I did not take advantage of it as I was dining alone. The wines on the list ranged from around $30 up to $125. A definite enticement for people to dine there on Wednesdays.

The restaurant has a nice homey look to it. There is a bar area where you can drink as well as eat. There was a room in the back with a pool table though I am not sure if it was only for decoration or not. Dress was casual.

The menu had a diverse selection and there were a number of specials that were not on the menu. Appetizers averaged $10 and entrees $25. Prior to my food arriving, I was given some homemade sourdough bread with a dipping oil. The bread was warm and quite tasty with a nice soft middle and a crusty exterior. The dipping oil had balsamic as well as several herbs and was also delicious. A nice start so far.

As an appetizer, I ordered the Duck Pot Popover. This was a bowl of pot pie filling, with shreds of duck, chorizo and veggies with a popover on top. The popover was light and eggy. I am a big fan of popovers so this certainly pleased me. The pot pie filling was very good with lots of duck meat and plenty of food overall. They did not skimp on the food.

For my entree, I had one of the specials, grilled wahoo with a southwestern crab sauce. Wahoo is a flaky, white fish that reminded me of cod. I had a big piece of fish and it was cooked well, with a nice crust on top and bottom and sweet fish all around. The sauce was excellent, with much sweet crab, corn and red peppers. This was served with rice. I had also ordered a side of foie gras. The foie gras was a special that came with a tomato sauce. That sauce did not interest me so they changed it for me and served it with a maple and port sauce that really did the foie justice. I was too full after my meal for dessert.

All of the food had been quite delicious and there had been more than enough. Service had been excellent as well. I had no complaints and it was a great start to my time in St. Croix. I definitely recommend this place to anyone visiting St. Croix.


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