Friday, May 11, 2007

Churrascaria Rodeo

(Originally posted 9/10/06)

Last evening, I tried a new Brazilian rodizio restaurant, the Churrascaria Rodeo. Like other such places, this is an all you can eat buffet, where skewers of meat are continually brought to your table. This costs $21.95 for dinner (though they have a cheaper price for lunch.) If you do not want the buffet, your choices are very limited, mainly to a Brazilian seafood stew.

We got there early, around 4:30pm, which was probably a mistake. The initial meats that were brought to our table were clearly leftovers from lunch, and much too overdone. It was later in our meal that the fresh meats came. So, if you go at night, you probably should go closer to 6pm.
They have two buffet tables, with salads and assorted side dishes. Again, some of the foods seemed to have been there since lunch. The white rice was just rice, with no flavorings. The french fries were cold. They did have a nice chicken in a light gravy. The boneless chicken was very tender, and the gravy went well over the rice. The buffets might have been better if they were fresher.

The standard list of meats came out on skewers, sirloin, chicken breasts wrapped in bacon, pork loin, lamb, sausages, etc. They were generally good though not excellent. They did have fresh garlic rolls, on a skewer, which were excellent. But, on subsequent trips, the rolls had been left on the grill too long and were partially burnt.

Service was excellent, and one of the waiters used to work at Midwest Grill. If you desired a specific meat, the waiters did their best to bring it to you.

The wine list has primarily Spamish and South American wines, and most bottles average $20. I think the most expensive was $35. We had a Carchello Mourvedre from Spain which was very good.

Overall, this was an ok experience. If we had been there later in the evening, our experience would have been better. But, this place does not compete with Midwest Grill as my favorite Brazilian restaurant.

(Originally posted 2/28/07)

I went to lunch here today, my first return trip after my initial experience. The food was excellent, fresh and flavorful, and the service was superb. For $15.95, you had all you could eat of meats including chicken wrapped in bacon, sliced beef, garlic beef, Brazilian sausage, linguica, and pork loin. There was also hot garlic bread.

A new addition, which I have never had anyone else, was a grilled pineapple covered with cinnamon. It was cooked perfectly so that the pineapple was warm but still firm and tender. The cinnamon made a tasty combo with the pineapple. What a treat!

A better experience than my first time there and I will definitely return.

Churrascaria Rodeo
920 Main St.
Woburn, MA
Phone: (781) 376-0020

Churrascaria Rodeo in Woburn

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