Friday, May 11, 2007

Duck Fat

(Originally posted 9/2/06)

A few weeks ago I visited Portland, Maine. I had been reading some good press about a restaurant called Duck Fat and wanted to check it out. place is a small hole in the wall, almost like a small diner. They have a limited menu.

We ordered some of the paninis, including Long Island Duck Confit, with Herbed Black Pepper Boursin spread, and the Italian Ham and Cheese. Both were excellent sandwiches. What we came for though were their famed Belgian Fries, twice fried in Duckfat & served Belgian-Style in a cone. They come with various sauces including a spicy truffle ketchup, duck gravy and horseradish mayo. These were delicious fries and we eagerly devoured them.

For dessert, we had their beignets. These are not the New Orleans beignets. These are doughnut holes, topped with cinnamon, sugar or chocolate. They were hot, fluffy and quite good. Even if they were not authentic New Orleans beignets.

Prices are very reasonable and I highly recommend this place.

Duck Fat
43 Middle St.
Portland, ME
Phone: (207) 774-8080

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