Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Flour Bakery & Cafe

(Originally posted 9/2/06)

While trekking through the South End for the day, our first stop was at the Flour Bakery & Cafe, a famed Boston bakery. They sell a variety of baked goods, pastries, breads, sandwiches and soups. The pastries looked incredible and I picked up a small assortment. They are a bit pricey, many of them being about $3 each. But, they are usually good-sized. I had a cream topped cinnamon roll that was fantastic! The roll was fresh, flaky and light with a creamy topping, almost like a custard, topped with cinnamon. A very decadent delight.

It was quite busy and obviously very popular. Despite the prices, I believe this bakery is worth a visit. For the quality you receive, it is worth the extra price.

Flour Bakery & Cafe
1595 Washington St
Boston, MA
Phone: (617) 267-4300

Flour Bakery & Cafe in Boston

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