Friday, May 18, 2007

Meat Overload

Last evening, I met with my Real World Winer friends for our weekly gathering. We were going to dine at the Churrascaria Rodeo in Woburn, a Brazilian rodizio restaurant. But, when we arrived, we found that the restaurant was closed for a private function. As we still wanted rodizio, we decided to drive up to Peabody, to the Fire Bull Restaurant. The Fire Bull does have its own parking lot.

I have been to the Fire Bull a number of times before though a few of the other Winers had never been there before. Though they have a number of entrees on their menu, we all chose the rodizio. This is an all-you-can eat BBQ buffet. You receive a salad, white rice, fried plantains, and a bean dish. Then, a server come by your table with skewers of different meats, slicing off the amount you wish. And he keeps returning until you are too full to eat anymore. Last evening, the meats included sirloin, roast beef, garlic steak tips, pork loin, lamb tips, chicken wrapped in bacon, chicken sausage, chicken hearts, chicken wings, and ribs.

The meats were delicious, usually juicy and tender. The garlic steak tips and the ribs were particularly tasty. There is a slight variation in what meats they serve each night. On different visits, they have had different types of sausage and sometimes even fish. At $21.95, it is very reasonably priced for all of the meat you can eat. The six of us gorged ourselves last night!

The Fire Bull has a small wine list, though it is very reasonably priced. It has selections from Portugal, Argentina, California and a couple other places. We ordered a few different wines from Portugal, including Vinho Verde and a Dao. We also got a Alamos Malbec from Argentina. Each of the bottles only cost about $16-18 each.

We did not get any dessert as we were too full.

Overall, we had a very good meal. My favorite rodizio restaurant remains Midwest Grill in Cambridge but I do enjoy and recommend the Fire Bull. You won't be disappointed.

Fire Bull Restaurant
5 Central St.
Peabody, MA
Phone: (978) 531-5744

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Bill said...

Sorry I missed it Rich! Very much like the firebull (don't bother with the sangria tho - blech!). think ambiance is better at midwest grille - both pale in comparison to the Brazillian Grill in Hyannis tho! :D