Friday, May 11, 2007

Phantom Gourmet Food Festival

(Originally posted on 9/24/06)

On September 23, the Phantom Gourmet hosted a Food Festival. Tickets were $30. I attended this event and what an event!

I am so STUFFED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a glutton's paradise at this event. We began the morning with Bloody Mary's and hot wings at one of the local bars before the event opened. Then, when the event opened, we went from stall to stall, gorging on all the different foods. Each stall gave you a good-sized portion of very fresh and tasty food. From an entire cream puff to a mini-pulled pork sandwich, from peel and eat shrimp to hot kettle corn. We even stopped at the Tiki Lounge for a huge scorpion bowl and s'mores. My favorite of the day was a sweet potatop pudding with pecans. This was an excellent event, and well worth the $30. Best to get there early though to avoid the long lines that develop later in the day. Can't wait for next year's event.

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