Friday, May 11, 2007

Reviews of Wines from Australia

The following is a compilation of old reviews I have done on the wines of Australia.

2002 Allandale, Semillon: For me, this was a forgettable white wine. Those who prefer whites might enjoy it for its citrus and floral flavor but I am sure most of the Winers would agree this is a Not Drink, Not Buy.

2004 Wishing Tree Shiraz: This is a lighter bodied Shiraz with a lot of spice on the palate. It is not the typical bold Shiraz, but it is also a nice change of pace. , this would make a fine summer drink that would go with lighter meats as well as heavier ones as well. A Drink and Buy.

Trevor Jones Sparkling Red Wine: Made from mostly shiraz, this tasted like fruit soda with a kick, with an added bit of bitterness. Definite No Drink, No Buy.

2003 Kilikanoon "The Covenant" Shiraz: A big, dark, smoky, spicy Shiraz. A superb wine that is worth its price ($37) if you enjoy this style of Shiraz.

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