Friday, May 11, 2007

Reviews of Wines of Massachusetts

The following is a compilation of old reviews I have done on the wines of Massachusetts.

2001 Turtle Creek Cabernet Sauvignon: This wine $18 had been sitting in my cellar for a couple of years. Turtle Creek is a local winery, located in Lincoln, Massachusetts. It used to purchase its grapes from California and New York but has been growing its own grapes and should be soon making some wines from it. They are a small winery, and bottle less than 100 cases of each of their wines. I have had their Cabernet and Pinot Noirs before and very much enjoyed them. This 2001 Cabernet was the last bottle I had and I have kept it stored for at least 2, and maybe even 3 years. And it tasted great! It is a dark, smoky and spicy wine with some good complexity and a long finish. An excellent Cabernet for that price, though the current vintages may be more costly. This is a definite Drink and Buy, and I will be looking for their more current releases as well.

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