Friday, May 11, 2007


(Originally posted 4/4/07)

On my second night in St. Croix, I had originally planned to dine at Kendrick's. But, some of the people I was visiting recommended another place called Savant. As one of them was a real foodie, I decided to give a try. And I was not disappointed.

Savant is a funky and small restaurant. Its menu is eclectic with Thai, Mexican and Carribean dishes. Prices were reasonable and they had a list of interesting specials as well. They also had a good and varied wine list. I once again started off with warm homemade bread that was quite yummy.

As an appetizer, I chose one of the specials, a sweet corn battered lobster. It was like a lobster corn dog and came out on a couple of sticks. The batter was sweet and tasty, and the lobster was the same. I decided to stick to the lobster theme for my entree and ordered the medium lobster tail with a butterscotch glaze. What an intriguing combination and so very good. It was a mild glaze that did not overpower the lobster. It came with rice and veggies. Though it was a medium, the tail had plenty of meat. The large would have been a huge meal!

Again, I had no room for dessert though I was happily sated with lobster. Service was very good. I would also recommend this restaurant to anyone visiting St. Croix.

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