Monday, February 4, 2008

Spanish Wine Course: Registered

Rather and wait and ponder over the issue, I decided to take the Spanish Wine Educator's course I mentioned a few days ago. I did not know whether there was a specific cut off on registrations so I went ahead and registered to ensure I got a place in the class.

I love Spanish wines so this would be an excellent opportunity to learn even more about them. Though it should be an intense class as well. So, I will do a little prestudy by reviewing my books on Spanish wine. Why not get a headstart on the class? It will only help. And there is that added incentive of the top 15 scorers winning a trip to Spain. Who wouldn't want to win an eight-day trip to Spain?

There will be nine classes held in the U.S. so only 1-2 members of each of those classes will win a spot on that trip. So it certainly will be very competitive. But a fun challenge nonetheless.

I still hope that some other wine bloggers sign up for the class in their own respective regions. Even the international bloggers will have an opportunity to do so.

So on to my studying.

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