Saturday, November 23, 2013

Tipsy Sensei Author Signing: November 30

Seeking holiday gift ideas? Want a book set in Boston, a supernatural thriller involving Japanese legends? How about a signed book from a local author?

On Saturday, November 30, from 12pm-2pm, I will be signing my three Tipsy Sensei books at Bestsellers Cafe in Medford. Come on down, meet me and I'll answer your questions about my books, Sake or the Passionate Foodie. Pick up a copy or two of my books for yourself or get some as holiday gifts for the book lovers in your life.

Hand Fed Tigers, my newest Tipsy Sensei novel, has just been released as a paperback and this will be your first opportunity to obtain it locally, besides purchasing it online. I'll also have copies of the first two Tipsy Sensei books, including The Tipsy Sensei & Others (a book of short stories with 4 Tipsy Sensei tales) and Demons, Gods & Sake (a Tipsy Sensei novel). My books currently have 33 Amazon reviews, all 4 & 5 Stars. Those who have been reading the new Hand Fed Tigers have been very complimentary.

The Tipsy Sensei series centers on a Boston-based Sake expert, Nate Randall, who learns that the supernatural creatures from Japanese folklore are real. During the course of the series, he encounters a variety of strange creatures, from shojo to tanuki, as well as other dangerous individuals from Japan, including yakuza and ninjas. As the books are generally situated in Boston, you will find reference to numerous local restaurants and other locations. You will also learn a bit about Sake while immersed in Nate's adventures.

The newest novel, Hand Fed Tigers, deals with Zombies, Cats & Ninjas. It is also the largest Tipsy Sensei book to date, nearly 25% longer than the prior novel. You could purchase e-books of the Tipsy Sensei tales but a signed paperback makes for an even more special purchase. So please come down and see me on November 30 at Bestsellers Cafe.

Kanpai and happy holidays!

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