Saturday, November 2, 2013

Hand Fed Tigers (Tipsy Sensei #5) & Special Price on Demons, Gods & Sake

The Tipsy Sensei series continues in a new novel that will be available this upcoming week through Amazon as an ebook, and later this month as a trade paperback. Hand Fed Tigers is the 5th installment of the Tipsy Sensei series and it involves zombies, ninjas & cats.

After defeating supernatural Oni, ruthless Yakuza and a Master Assassin in Japan, Nate Randall and Hato return to Boston, hoping for a respite from danger. Nate also hopes to reconnect with his wife, though aware that she is going to be furious after having been kidnapped. In addition, the police still seek Nate so he needs to resolve that situation as well.

As he tries to handle those issues, a series of zombie murders, which may or may not have a supernatural origin, terrify the city. What is the connection of the victims, which includes several people connected to the legal profession?

As Nate ponders the zombie killings, he is unaware that a mysterious organization is seeking him and have retained the services of a ninja to kidnap him. Why do they want Nate? And how far are they willing to go to get him? And how are cats involved in all of this?

The Tipsy Sensei series continues with a more personal challenge for Nate, a Sake expert based in Boston. Accompanied by Hato, a master swordsman, Nate must confront deadly adversaries who will stop at nothing to acquire their objective. What price will Nate pay to defeat them?

Hand Fed Tigers should be available as an ebook on Monday or Tuesday.

I'll also note some of the restaurants mentioned in this new novel, including Painted Burro, Posto, Bristol Lounge, Clam Box of Ipswich, Bergamot, Tampopo, AKA Bistro, and Taberna de Haro, I've also mentioned a few restaurants from Portland, Oregon, including Pok Pok, Miho Izakaya,and Zilla Sake.

Prior to reading Hand Fed Tigers, you might want to start with Demons, Gods and Sake (Tipsy Sensei #4). This was the first Tipsy Sensei novel and introduced Hato, the immortal samurai, who protects Nate. In this book, Nate must protect an ancient artifact of great power which is being sought by supernatural oni, a ruthless yakuza clan and a master assassin. The action ranges from Boston to Japan, and it currently has nine 5-Star reviews on Amazon.

With the imminent release of Hand Fed Tigers, I am offering the ebook of Demons, Gods & Sake at a special discount from Sunday, November 3, through Tuesday, November 5. As part of the Kindle Countdown Deal, Demons, Gods & Sake will initially be available on Sunday for 50% off, at $1.99. During the discount period, that price will eventually rise to $2.99 and then back to its original price. So, for the best deal, make sure to pick up a copy on Sunday.


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