Monday, May 14, 2007

2006 QM Alvarinho

As part of a monthly Virtual Tasting organized by Catavino, I have been trying some different Albarinos/Alvarinhos from Spain and Portugal.

This past weekend, I tasted the 2006 QM Alvarinho Vinho Verde, Portugal. QM stands for the Quintas de Melgaco winery. I am most familiar with Spanish Albarinos and enjoy them. I find them generally crisp and fruit, with a touch of sweetness. So, I was curious how the Alvarinhos of Portugal would compare. The QM had the same crispness I was used to but the flavor had some significant differences. The QM was much more minerally than fruity though it did have some apple in the background. It was also drier and really had no tinge of sweetness. So to me, it lacked some of the richer flavors of the Spanish Albarinos I have been recently drinking.

I had some of this wine as an apertif and later paired it with macaroni and cheese. It held up to the food and did seem mellower. Though this wine was ok, I would not rush out and buy it again. Drink Not Buy.


gopaz said...

Richard, as always, thanks for participation in our virtual wine tasting. Although I agree with Ryan that Portuguese Alvarinos tend to be slightly drier leaning heavily on both the mineral and green flavors, as compared to the lush and slightly sweeter flavors of the Galician Albarinos, I wonder if your lack of enthusiasm was directed towards the style or the bottle itself_ Additionally, I am curious if your opinion would have altered if you had paired the wine with a seafood dish?

Richard A. said...

Hi Gabriella:
Welcome to my new food & wine blog and thanks for commenting here. My lack of enthusiasm for the Portuguese Alvarinho was more a style issue. As a personal preference, I do not usually care for the drier, more minerally white wines. I much prefer a lusher, fruitier white wine like some of the Spanish Albarinos I have been tasting lately. I doubt my opinion would have changed much even if it had been with seafood.


Sylvia said...

I prefer Portuguese Alvarinhos than a spanish alvariños )rias baxas).