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(Originally posted 2/5/06)

Last evening I went to a restaurant in Arlington called Scutra. I had heard some positive reviews of the place and wanted to try it. I was very pleased with the visit. It is a small, quaint little place, maybe 15 tables or so. The menu reminds me of Savory Tastes in some respects. It has maybe a half dozen appetizers, some salads, and maybe 8-10 or so entrees. They also had several specials that were not on the menu.

We began with two appetizers, a crab cake and coconut tempura fried oysters. Both were very good. I am usually not a big oyster fan, but these were delicious. They were not slimy in the least. They brought us some bread with dipping oil too. The bread was hot and very good too. And they refilled the bread basket when we finished it the first time.

For a wine, I ordered a French Cotes du Rhone. It was about $34, and a very good wine, a more subtle red wine, not overly berry or oaky.

Dinners were a tenderloin topped with gorgonzola cheese, and parmesan crusted veal scallopini. Great presentation, excellent taste, very tender, and a nice mixing of flavors. Dinners were relatively inexpensive, around $20-24. They were not huge portions but that just left a little room for dessert. For dessert, we had a plum pie-like thing, atop a thin crispy bottom topped with vanilla ice cream. It was heavenly. We also ordered a trio sampler, that had 3 mini desserts, including a peach sorbet and a hazelnut chocoalte cake. Again, all of them were very delicious.

Service was very good too. Overall, I give this place high ratings and would definitely return.

(originally posted 3/9/06)
I went again to Scutra for dinner, this time with my parents. It was another superb meal and everyone thoroughly enjoyed it. The food was great, the wine tasty (A French Rhone), and the service was impeccable. This place is starting to become one of my favorites.

92 Summer Street
Arlington, MA
Phone: (781) 316-1816

Scutra in Arlington

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