Monday, November 2, 2009

Rant: Wine Impediments in Massachusetts

Wine lovers: Today, there is a very important appeal before the Massachusetts courts.

First, back in November 2008, wine lovers in Massachusetts scored a big win when the court declared that MA House Bill 4498, which had become law, was unconstitutional. This law had been an impediment to wineries who desired to ship wine to Massachusets residents. When it was declared unconstitutional, there was hope that soon enough, we could order wine directly from wineries.

Then, back in February 2009, Attorney General Martha Coakley placed a road block in that path, by appealing the court decision to the 1st Circuit Court of Appeals.

Today that court will hear arguments on the appeal. Yesterday's Boston Herald provided a summary of the issues in this matter. The law does not operate quickly, and even after arguments are heard, it could still be months before a decision is rendered. And even if a decision is rendered in favor of wine lovers, another appeal could probably be taken.

Stop this silliness and just allow wines to be shipped into Massachusetts. Don't waste the taxpayer's money, especially in these difficult economic times, on lengthy appeals. We all need our voices to be heard in this matter.


The Wine Whore said...

I really hope that this gets worked out.. it's a real shame that people in MA are faced with these challenges.


Couves said...

Assuming that Coakley’s office is using its own staff attorneys, the additional expense of this appeal may be zero. But I’d still say that it’s not a good allocation of the AG's increasingly limited resources. It’s also sad to see Democrats act as the neo-prohibitionists in this state. Or maybe they just have a general anti-consumer bias. Who knows, it’s just beyond me at this point!

Mike said...

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