Monday, November 9, 2009

Rant: Say Hello to Your Meat

If you only shop at large supermarkets, you may feel very distant from the meat you purchase. You may choose a wrapped package of meat, without thinking much about where it originated, without thinking about the animal from where the meat came. Is that though what you want? Do you really want to maintain a significant distance between you and the animal?

Would it bother you to know the name of the animal you were about to eat? Would it dismay you to dine on "Francine" the lamb or "Arnold" the pig? It does not bother me in the least. In fact, I rather like knowing such details about the animal. I think it creates a deeper connection between me and the meat, helping me better understand what I am eating.

In fact, I think it would be better for everyone who eats meat to get closer to the source, to understand exactly where their food comes from. Visit a farm, spend time with a butcher, chat with a chef. Do something to learn about your meat, to realize that it does not come from the back of a grocery store but actually derives from livestock. It is nothing to fear or be ashamed about.

If you are going to eat meat, to enjoy being a carnivore, then don't shy away from getting closer to the source. Educate yourself. Make that connection and learn how to appreciate your meat even more.

What do you think?


The Wine Whore said...

I think you hit the nail on the head... Personally, I love eating meat but I have always been scared to get "intimate" with the whole process. I don't know if it's just because I think it will make me never want to eat another piece of beef again, or just lack of opportunity...

I'll try to take your advice... worst case, I learn a thing or two. That never hurt anyone!


Vivian said...

If I could raise a pig or chickens in my back yard I would. I no longer purchase meat at big grocery stores. I have developed relationships with several farmers and ranchers and now purchase my meats and poultry from them. I feel much better about what we eat. I no longer hesitate to ask any farmer, butcher or chef about the meat they are providing. You never know what you will learn from asking questions.

Couves said...

I agree and I would take it one step further – killing and butchering your own food. I’m not a hunter, but I find it very satisfying to bring home some nice fish now and then. And you never know what you might catch or learn. For me, I recently learned to skin an eel!

My meat sources are probably more factory than farm.

Richard Auffrey said...

Glad to see you are willing to take the chance and get closer to the source. Please keep me pdated on your efforts and I hope it goes well.

Glad to see someone else who has gotten closer to the source. As well as your positive benefits from your actions. Keep up the good work and I hope others take your lead.

I would agree with your addition. Hunting and fishing is certainly another way to get closer to the source. Thanks for the comment.