Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Ball Square Fine Wines & Liquors

As I promised previously in a post about an excellent Saké tasting, I have returned to tell my readers more about Ball Square Fine Wines & Liquors, a newly renovated store in Somerville. I never saw the store before the renovations but I liked what I saw now. And it has a diverse selection of wines which also appealed to me.

It is a moderately-sized store and sells wine, beer and spirits, most of the wines in wooden racks. Above is your view when you enter the store, U.S. wines on the right side of the room. The wines are generally separated by country of origin and cover all price points. They have some of the more common brands as well as some lesser known ones too.

The above photo is the cashier station, located just to the left of the entrance. Behind the cashier station is the new tasting table, a well-appointed area. It adds a bit more elegance to tasting events, though it is not pretentious. It is still a small area, so it could get crowded if too many customers show up for a tasting.

One of my favorite things with the store is that they stock a fair number of Sakés, which you can see above, including many half-bottles (300ml). Half bottles, at their reduced price, can be a great way to take a chance. There are few other local wine stores that stock as much Saké so that makes this place a fine destination for Saké lovers.

Ball Square also has a large selection of Greek wines, a specialty of the owner. You'll can even find several different brands of Ouzo. Greek wines are another type of wine that are difficult to locate in most local wine stores so it is great to see the available selection here. My readers will know I very much enjoy Greek wines so this is another advantage of this store.

Above, in the foreground, are the shelves holding Ports and Sherries while to the rear are the shelves of spirits. They have a large and nice selection of Ports and Sherries, including Colheita, Vintage Port, Amontillado and more. The spirits selection is very good too, with some interesting high-end ones.

The store holds regular wine tastings and special events, and it is well worth signing up for their email newsletter to stay current on what is going on. For example, this Friday, November 20, from 5:30pm-7:30pm, Bill Russell, owner/winemaker of Westport Rivers Winery, which is located in Massachusetts, will be at the store pouring some of his wines. Westport makes a sparkling wine that I really enjoy, which would be good for Thanksgiving.

There are definite reasons why you should check out Ball Square so why not stop by?

Ball Square Fine Wines & Liquors
716 Broadway
Somerville, MA
Phone: 617-623-9500


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