Sunday, November 8, 2009

Taza Chocolate Open House: Dec.5

If you love chocolate, then you should visit the Taza Chocolate factory in Somerville for their Open House on December 5, from 10am-6pm. I have previously toured their artisan facility and was impressed with what I saw. The upcoming Open House will be a great opportunity for my readers to see what Taza is doing, as well as to taste some of their unique chocolate.

The factory tours are free and open to the public. "Get acquainted with our candy-apple red Barth Sirocco roaster, learn what a winnowing machine does, and examine the hand-dressed grooves in the millstones of our vintage Mexican molinos. Or skip the tour and take your time tasting every one of our chocolates. We’ll also have plenty of tasty hot chocolate on hand made with our own Taza Chocolate Mexicano discs."

The factory is small and they anticipate a high turnout. Because they can only accommodate a certain number of people per tour, they recommend that you come early or late in the day if you’re unable to wait. Families and children are welcome, but are encouraged to come early so as to avoid the crowds.

Elsewhere in their buildingm Peter Rinnig of QRST’s will be screenprinting custom t-shirts for visitors. And Shelley Barendes will spell out the art of letterpress, hand-printing creative designs on 100-year-old machines.

Taza Chocolate
561 Windsor Street
Somerville, MA
Phone: 617-623-0804

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