Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Bobby's Grille: Lunch Delights

Since my initial review of Bobby's Grille, I have dined there a couple more times for lunch and wanted to present an update. My initial impression had been very positive and I expected my subsequent visits would also be quite good. I certainly was not disappointed.

The menu for lunch is the same as they have for dinner. Though for lunch, you might prefer to order one of their Sandwiches rather than the larger Entrees. The Sliders would also make a very good lunch choice.

The Pulled Pork Sliders ($10) comes with spicy pickles and country Dijon mustard. Though I had it without the mustard. I should point out that if there is an ingredient in one of their dishes that you dislike, they very likely can omit it for you. I consider that an excellent benefit. This dish, like all of the sliders, consists of three sandwiches and they were filled with plenty of tasty pulled pork. The sliders come with potato chips, but you can substitute French fries or onion rings for an extra $1. I have tried both the fries and rings, and received a good portion of each, and enjoyed both.

As for Appetizers, the Lolly Pop Lamb Chops ($12) with vinegared greens & Tzatziki sauce are an excellent choice. You receive five lamb chops, a very large portion for an appetizer and even more than you sometimes get elsewhere for an entree. Each chop was meaty, tender and flavorful. This is a dish I highly recommend. Another good appetizer is the Seared Ahi Tuna Au Poivre ($10) with wilted baby bok choy, wasabi, and soy ginger glaze. I love tuna and this gave me what I enjoy, silky smooth raw tuna with a light sear on the exterior. Plus, it had a strong peppery coating, a very spicy taste which pleased me.

The Skirt Steak Sandwich ($13) comes on a toasted French baguette and is topped with roasted garlic chive butter. This sandwich was loaded with steak and though skirt steak has a reputation of often being tough, I did not find this steak to be so. It was quite tasty, enhanced by the garlic chive butter, and the baguette was very fresh. An excellent sandwich which I would order again.

One of my dining companions tried the Shepherd’s Pie ($11) which has Angus Sirloin, Beef Demi-Glaze, Roasted Root Vegetables, and Whipped Potatoes. It was quite a large dish and she really enjoyed its taste. It had a strong flavor from the root veggies, and contained plenty of ground sirloin. This comfort food is an excellent value at this price.

Service was very good and I did not encounter any service problems on either of my lunch visits. After their very hectic, opening week, they certainly seem to have gotten on track and matters seem to be operating smoothly and well. The food is plentiful and delicious, as well as reasonably priced. Chef Bell is doing a great job in the kitchen, and you can expect many good things to come in the future too.

I continue to give Bobby's Grille a high recommendation for either lunch or dinner, and I will definitely be returning there frequently. I hope too that they eventually start holding wine dinners, as Chef Bell used to create some incredible such meals when he ran Savory Tastes Cafe. The future of this restaurant looks very bright.

Bobby's Grille
11 Washington Street
Wellesley Hills, MA
Phone: (781) 235-2345

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