Monday, December 21, 2009

Rant: Overpriced Holiday Meals

'Tis the season to be merry! But one thing that does not make me merry during this season are overpriced, holiday restaurant meals.

Many places have special menus for Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Year's Eve. These are often pre-fixe dinners, set menus, but at a higher than usual price. That is especially true of New Year's Eve. For that higher price, you often don't get what you pay for. The food too often is mediocre, service may be poor and you might be rushed because you have to be done before the next seating. It seems the higher prices are sometimes merely motivated by greed. So why waste your money?

What you should be is be far more selective in where you dine on these holidays. There are restaurants that still offer reasonably priced and delicious meals, though you might have to take some extra time to find them. I suggest trying restaurants that are a bit off the beaten path. The most popular places often are not the best choice. Check out the menu beforehand and assess whether the price is appropriate. Ask around for suggestions from friends and family.

I don't know where I will be eating this New Year's Eve. I still am checking out my options, trying to find a place I will enjoy that evening. I hope I find a treasure rather than some overpriced disappointment. I have had luck doing so in the past and hope that luck continues this year too.

What are your plans for the holiday meals?


The Wine Whore said...

Since my wife is going to be immobile for most of the holidays, I think we're stuck eating at home. That's okay though because it's helping me make up for it by digging into our 'cellar'. On the other hand, maybe this is a bad thing, since now I'll have to buy a whole bunch more wine to replace it! :) Who am I kidding, I'd buy more wine anyways!

In any case, nothing exciting here for New Year's... I'm excited though to hear which place you choose... any leads yet?

Richard Auffrey said...

Sorry to hear about your wife, and I hope she gets better real soon. But it is not a bad thing to stay home and drink some good wine.

I still don't have a solid lead yet but continue to look.

ConsiderTheSource said...

You might try Tryst in Arlington. They are serving a limited version of their regular menu as well as a 3-course prix fixe dinner. Good food, nice atmosphere...

Rachel said...

I'm all for holidays at home with family and friends! If you're not a cook or don't have the time, look into a catering service. There will be no one to rush you and you can enjoy your meal without the worry of rude service and any driving or weather issues. Whatever you decide to do, have a wonderful time, Richard.

Anonymous said...

Go to Phantom Gourmet for a restaurant that is not expensive in your area

Anonymous said...

I agree! I've spent a few New Year's Eves at Tasca in Brighton because the price is reasonable and the food and service are consistent with if not better than what you can find there year-round, but usually we just do dinner at home.

Richard Auffrey said...

Thanks Gwen for the tip. I have dined at Tryst before and enjoyed it, so that is an option to consider.

Thanks to you Rachel for your tip as well. I may try something like that after the holidays. Maybe through the Dining Alternative.

Thanks Jennalyn for your suggestion too.

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