Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Beehive: Santa, Beignets & Grilled Cheese

At this time of year, some merchants try to maximize their profits, and visits with Santa are used to bring in extra income. There might be a charge to see Santa, or they will provide you a photo of your child with Santa for a hefty fee. Other merchants are more generous, more giving during this holiday time.

The Beehive in Boston’s South End falls into the later category, and yesterday I attended, with my nephew and niece, their annual Santa Brunch. We all had a great time, and it didn't cost us any more than their usual brunch prices.

First, they did not charge any entry fee for the event. It was free for all to attend. Second, they had their usual brunch menu, and not any special, high-priced limited menu. Third, you got to take your own photos of your child with Santa, and there was no fee. The Beehive was giving you a holiday experience, without charging extra for the pleasure. That is something I really respect.

I have always enjoyed brunch at The Beehive. From their hot beignets to start the brunch, to sandwiches like their grilled short rib & fontina. Plus, their home-made frites are addictive! All of us thoroughly enjoyed our meals. The dishes are plentiful, even the kid's meals. The mini-grilled cheese is the same size as the regular sandwich you would get at most other places. It is large enough to satisfy an adult appetite.

Despite the restaurant being packed, service was very good. We didn't have to wait for our meals, we got multiple refills on our drinks, and our servers were all pleasant. And as for Santa, they staggered the times to send children up to see him so you did not have to stand in a long line waiting to see him. Santa was excellent, good with the children, and sat for multiple pictures with each child. A very positive experience for all.

Kudos to The Beehive for really being in the holiday spirit! Next year, this is the place to take your children to see Santa.

The Beehive
541 Tremont St.
Boston, MA
Phone: 617-423-0069


The Wine Whore said...

Now THAT'S what this holiday is all about! It's not about making money off of pictures with Santa (although I am sure the added draw didn't hurt their sales), it's about helping people enjoy time with their children and watching their faces as they experience the Holiday fun!

Sad to say, I doubt you'll find many other places that would offer this experience for no charge...

Richard Auffrey said...

I agree that few places actually do this, so I was so pleased when I found a place that did. I liked this restaurant even before Santa brunch, and this only elevated my image of them even more.

I should also mention they have had other special events where there was not an entry fee. You just paid for your food and drink, enjoying the free entertainment.