Monday, December 7, 2009

Rant: Drink Saké Not Bombs!

The above is a sentiment I have voiced numerous times in the past. So I was especially pleased when I recently won a t-shirt from SakéOne which now allows me to proudly support that position.

The infamous Saké bomb appears to be an American concoction, which makes sense to me. I just can't see the Japanese destroying their national beverage in this way.

What is a Saké bomb? First, you start with a glass of beer, sometimes a Japanese one like Kirin or Sapporo. You then fill a small Saké cup with warm Saké. Next, place two chopsticks in a "V" shape atop the beer glass and carefully balance the Saké cup atop the chopsticks. Refer to the picture above to get the idea.

You then slam your hand down on bar so that the Saké cup falls into beer and you immediately chug the beer and Saké mix. To me and others, this is a waste of good Saké. The amount of Saké is very small compared to the amount of beer so you really are not going to get much flavor from the Saké. And you lose all the complexity of the Saké, especially of a high quality Saké.

Join with me and support Saké on its own! Don't allow this excellent beverage to be sullied with beer. Don't let its subtle and complex flavors to be destroyed by the strong, harsh flavors of beer. Stand up for the purity of Saké.

Drink Saké Not Bombs!

The SakéOne t-shirts are also available for sale, for men and women, on their website for $18 each. I am going to pick up a couple more shirts, and think they would also make a cool holiday gift.


The Wine Whore said...

Yeah Sake Bombs may be fun but they are a total waste and clearly an insult to sake.

This is definitely a worthy cause that merits support!


Richard Auffrey said...

Thanks for your support!


Lindsay H. said...

Why would anybody waste good sake like that? Isn't the whole point of drinking sake not to, you know, drink beer?

I hope the sake-bomb trend dies out. :(