Friday, December 11, 2009

2008 Heidi Schröck Muscat: Join Me On A Walk

I walk through an ancient Austrian forest, surrounded by woodsy and herbal aromatics with an underlying animal musk. I then sit on a patch of thick grass and begin to nibble upon an apricot, savoring its juiciness, the flavor altered a bit by the forest smells, which add a touch of spiciness. What a joyous feeling, as I close my eyes and relish the sensory pleasures.

That sums up my feelings for the 2008 Heidi Schröck Muscat.

Heidi Schröck is a female, Austrian wine maker and took over her parents' winery about twenty-five years ago. "The family motto states that tradition should be honored but also mixed with progress; for it means keeping alive the fire, not adoring the ashes." And Heidi is dedicated to pursuing the intent of this motto. It is a small vineyard and winery, about eight hectares that produce only about 4000 cases of wine.

Heidi "...sees the vineyard is the crucial place of decision for wine quality." Her vineyard has grapes such as Blaufränkisch, 40-year-old vines that were planted by her great aunts. She has also planted grapes like Muscat-Lunel and Furmint from Hungary.

When Heidi became a vintner, there were few other women in the field so Heidi worked to organize those female vintners that did exist. She formed a club, 11 Women & Their Wines, which brought together eleven female vintners to help each other with their wineries. Heidi certainly sounds like a fascinating person with the passion I always seek.

The 2008 Heidi Schröck Muscat (about $20) is a blend of 40% Gelber Muskateller, 40% Sauvignon Blanc, and 20% Muskat-Ottonel. The grape Muscat is known by many names, including Gelber Muskateller. There are also different varieties of Muscat which are known by similar names, such as Muskat-Ottenel.

For my tasting note, just reread my first paragraph. Yes, it is not a traditional review but I am experimenting with different formats and styles. This is a wine I recommend, something I found to be rather unique. So check it out.


Evan Dawson said...

Great stuff, Richard. I have no problem with traditional tasting notes, but I prefer the story of wine. You did a wonderful job of helping me understand the producer, and I love the description of the wine. Vivid and meaningful. Cheers.

The Wine Whore said...

I really dig the description of the wine... I think you could have done the entire post in that voice and it would have been really cool.

Keep on rocking!

Dale Cruse said...


Couves said...

I like the tasting note. For wines I really like, I often find them evocative of natural settings.

Richard Auffrey said...

Thanks very much everyone for your input and I am very pleased that the review was appreciated so much.

ConstanceC said...

I think this is a great wine review, definitely better than a traditional set up. I can completely relate to that feeling -- every now and then you find a wine that completely over takes your current state... love that.

Richard Auffrey said...

Thanks very much Constance!