Monday, November 4, 2013

Hand Fed Tigers & A Contest

Hand Fed Tigers, the new Tipsy Sensei novel, is now available as an ebook, with a trade paperback due out later this month.

Zombies, Cats & Ninjas.

This new novel takes place directly after the events of Demons, Gods & Sake, as Nate and Hato return to Boston, hoping for a respite from all the dangers they recently faced. Nate wants to reconnect with his wife, angry after being kidnapped by ruthless yakuza. In addition, the police want Nate so he must handle that problem too.

As they return to Boston, they find that a series of "zombie" murders are occurring in Boston, and there might be a legal connection between the victims. Are these supernatural zombies, or is there a more rational, scientific explanation? And how will the police stop the killings?

As Nate ponders the zombie problem, he is unaware that a mysterious organization is seeking him and have retained the services of a skilled ninja to kidnap him. Why do they want Nate? And how far are they willing to go to get him?

And how are cats involved in all of this? From cat prostitutes to a Japanese island of cats, there is a feline presence throughout the novel. Should Nate fear this presence? Will he feel the razor-honed claws of a cat?

The Tipsy Sensei series continues with a more personal challenge for Nate. Assisted by Hato, a master swordsman, Nate must confront deadly adversaries who will stop at nothing to acquire their objective. What price will Nate pay to defeat them?


In honor of the ebook release of Hand Fed Tigers, I am holding a contest where I will give away three copies of my new book. All you have to do is answer one question: What does the Japanese word "neko" mean?

Please post your answer in a comment to this post. On Wednesday, November 6, at 10am, the contest will end and I will randomly draw 3 names from all those who provided the correct answer. Those 3 people will each win an ebook copy of Hand Fed Tigers.

Good luck!

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