Sunday, July 25, 2010

Saké Nomi News Article

Check out a new article in the Japan Times, "Seattle pair put sake on local map" by Kris Kosaka. It is about Johnnie and Taiko Stroud, who established Saké Nomi, a Saké shop and tasting bar in Seattle. The story tells about their background and discusses a bit about their store. This is one of only four all-Saké stores in the U.S., and unfortunately I have not had the opportunity to visit it yet. But I do receive their email newsletter and it sounds like a very cool place.

If any of my readers have been there, please add your thoughts to the comments. Thanks.

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Unknown said...

I have gone to look for the show twice now. The first time I did not find it, gave up after dragging my wife all over the place. The second time, just two weeks ago, I found it but they were not open.

In case you go to find it, its entry is from a hall just inside a door that does not have a sign. The windows had what looked like bamboo shades.

I have been meaning to send a note to Johny to suggest they put a picture of the outside of the shop on the web site. Maybe a sign too :-).

P.S. I also get their email and think it looks like a really fun place.