Friday, July 23, 2010

Stanhope Grille: Taza Chocolate Desserts

Executive Chef Raymond Southern of The Back Bay Hotel and Stanhope Grille, a locavore with a penchant for chocolate, is rushing to aid the flash flood-damaged Taza Stone Ground Chocolate in Somerville. After a discussion with his chocolatier associates, they came up with a solution to help replace their damaged machinery: Buy more chocolate!

From now through the month of August, Executive Chef Raymond Southern will be giving an extra “push” to menu items that incorporate the luxurious Taza Stone Ground Chocolate. Each guest of Stanhope Grille will depart dinner with bite-sized versions of Chef’s signature Boston Cooking School Brownies. On the other side, The Back Bay Hotel will be giving the bite-sized brownies as a departure gift to guests, along with their customary packet of Forget-Me-Not seeds.

Executive Chef Raymond Southern’s Taza Stone Ground Chocolate menu items that will be available through August:

Stone Ground Chocolate Pudding $9
(Taza Stone Ground Chocolate, Malted Vanilla Ice Cream, Chopped Georgia Peanuts)

Salted Caramel Ice Cream Sandwich $8
(Taza Chiapan Chocolate Cookie, Locally Produced Batch Fair Trade Ice Cream)(This sounds like it would be my choice of the bunch).

Boston Cooking School Brownies $9
(Our Rendition of Fannie Merritt Farmers 1911 Recipe Using Taza Fair Trade Stone Ground Chocolate)

Taza Chocolate French (French) Toast $20
Classic Style Baked French Toast with Melted XStone Ground Chocolate, Topped with Crispy Maple Smoked Bacon and Vermont Syrup
--Available as a Sunday Brunch Plate; price also includes a basket of breakfast breads, 100% Florida Orange choice, your choice of Starbucks Coffee or Tazo Tea, and your choice of a Bloody Mary or Mimosa

Taza Chiapan Chocolate Pie $33.10
(Black Cherry Jus, Fried Orange Zest, Chantilly Cream
**Available in a 3-course prix fixe only during Restaurant Week Boston from August 15-20; 22-27

I previously visited the Taza Chocolate factory and was impressed with their philosophy and products. The recent torrential rains caused flooding at their factory and they are trying to rebound. Why not help them out and buy some Taza products?

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