Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Savenor's Market

(Originally posted 4/30/06 & 6/17/06)

Do you have a hankering for a llama steak? Or maybe some alligator tail? Wild boar sausage? A rack of reindeer? Where will you find all of these items and much more? Savenor's Market, located in Boston and Cambridge.

This is a high end meat market and gourmet grocery store. It also has some of the best meat around, though it is not cheap. You can find excellent chicken, beef, pork and veal here. As well as more exotic meats, from Kobe beef to all sorts of wild game. They also have a fresh fish counter. The employees are very helpful, and will do special cuts of meat for you. They also provide ice so you can help keep your meat cold while traveling. For special occasions, or when you want to impress, you can't lose by getting your meat here.

160 Charles Street
Boston, MA

92 Kirkland Street
Cambridge, MA
Phone: (617) 576-MEAT

Savenor's Market in Boston

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