Wednesday, June 13, 2007

New England Spirits

Don't have time to go down to a local wine store? Would you prefer to have your wine delivered to your house? You do have options. There are a few local wine stores that do deliver, generally for a small fee. But there is another option, a company that does not have its own store but delivers wine to much of eastern and central Massachusetts.

I recently learned of New England Spirits and its concept intrigues me. You order your wine online and either have it delivered or you can pick it up at a wine store in Acton. They sell wine, beer and spirits. They claim that their prices are 20% lower than retail wine prices, and that seems to be accurate. I examined the prices of a number of wines I knew and their prices were definitely lower. They have a good selection of wines, from all over the world, from the inexpensive to the higher end wines.

The delivery charge starts at $25 and is reduced dependent on the amount of wine you buy. At $251, the delivery is free. So, this is probably best if you are buying a case of wine.

I have not used this company yet but probably will try it soon. If anyone else has used them, I would like to hear about your experiences.

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