Saturday, June 30, 2007


Unagi Sandwich! What a wonderful dish.

Slices of sweet potato tempura make up the "bread." Slices of unagi, eel, make up the filling and it is all drizzled with a type of barbecue sauce. It is cut into four large pieces. Such a great melange of tastes. I love it! I had this at Kyotoya before when it was a special one evening but it has now been added to their regular menu. I believe it was only $6.95 which also makes it a good value.

I did a previous review of Kyotoya last year and have been there a number of times since, as well as getting take-out delivered. That is a bonus, that they deliver. Great to be able to have sushi brought straight to your house.

Last evening, I visited them again, savoring the Unagi sandwich. I also had an order of the Tempura appetizer which includes two big shrimp and a number of veggies tempura pieces. As I have said before, their tempura is superb. It is lightness, crispy and flavorful.

I also ordered sushi, getting their 18 piece special for $18.95. Individual orders of sushi cost about $3-6. But you get a better price for bulk discounts. The sushi was fresh and good-sized. For these prices, it is an excellent value. Sato II in Stoneham has sushi as well, but you don't get the discounts there that you do at Kyotoya.

Also had a beef teriyaki dinner which comes with miso soup and salad. Excellent, tender and tasty beef. Well worth ordering.

Service was very good, as usual. I heartily recommend Kyotoya. And try the Unagi sandwich!

58 Montvale Ave.
Stoneham, MA
Phone: (781) 438-9688

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