Friday, June 8, 2007

2006 Domaine Tempier rose

In the realm of Rose, Domaine Tempier is often said to be one of the elites. The 2006 Domaine Tempier Rose ($34) is a blend of Mourvedre, Cinsault, and Grenache. It is estate bottled from organic fruit. It is one of the most expensive Roses you will find. I brought a bottle to my weekly get together with the Real World Winers.

This Rose is a very pale pink, lighter than most of the other Roses I have tasted recently. It has a fruity nose though the nose is mild. This is a more subtle Rose than the others I have had. It is definitely more Old World, very French in style. If you do not like subtle wines, you may not care that much for this wine. But, if give it a chance, you will find much complexity in thise Rose. It has tastes of strawberries, a bit of herb, and maybe some melon. It has a lingering finish and all of its tastes mingle harmoniusly. This is not a casual wine, not one to guzzle. It is a wine you linger over, one which you think about each sip. It is not a big bold wine, and it is not intended to be. But, it is a fine wine, one I definitely recommend as a Drink & Buy.

I should also note that Domaine Tempier makes a few reds, Mourvedre blends, which are superb!

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