Friday, June 29, 2007

Birthdays for Foodies

As my own birthday approaches, I am reminded how one's birthday is a great time to be a foodie. Why is that do you ask? Because a number of restaurants will give you free or discounted food!

For example, I just received a coupon from The Melting Pot for a free chocolate fondue dessert. I know that I will receive additional offers in the next couple weeks from other restaurants as well. Plus, I know there are restaurants where I can go on or near my birthday and get discounted, or even free, dinners or desserts. As another example, the Capital Grille gives you a free dessert too.

To maximize such freebies, you should sign up for the mailing lists of the various restaurants. They often ask for your birthdate and then send you something near that time. This is certainly good will for the restaurant and a nice bonus for you.

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